Jenion Ion-Beam and Surface Technique

Plasma Solutions for New Materials

Jenion at a glance


Jenion - Dr. Hermann Schlemm, Ion- Beam and Surface Technique was founded in 1994 both as a consulting office for development in plasma technology and for small scale production of plasma measuring technique and plasma- and ion sources as an one person company.

The history can be divided into three periods:

a) 1995 - 1999:

  • Development and production of more than 10 special broad beam ion sources (40 mm to 120 mm diameter.)
  • collaboration in founded projects with some partners.

b) 1999 - 2019:

  • H. Schlemm was working as Senior Principal for plasma technique and plasma technology for silicon solar cell production, at Roth&Rau AG, (since 2011 Meyer Burger AG) at Hohenstein near Chemnitz in Germany.
  • In parallel development of plasma probe analysis with plasma probes and Retarding Field Analysers at Jenion was done.
  • Production of more than 20 devices of PlasmaMon 1 and PlasmaMon 2.

c) Since 2019:

  • After retired from Meyer Burger AG in 2019, the actual version of plasma probe analysis (PlasmaMon 3) was developed and produced since then.
  • UHF- plasma development with own UHF- generator technique and plasma sources was started.
  • Some special sputter problems could be investigated.



At two rooms with four vacuum equipments several plasma problems can be developed and tested separately. Plasmas and plasma sources can be driven from DC to 50 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 433 MHz and 2.45 GHz. Sputter processes are avalable with DC and 13.56 MHz for substrates up to 100 mm diameter.

Plasmas will be analyzed by plasma probe analysis and Retarding Field Analysers and with OES.

Some thin film analysis is also possible (thin film thickness, transmission- and reflection spectra of thin films at visible range).

Thin films can be deposited from several sputter targets at substrate temperatures up to 450°C.

The laboratory is accomplished by a small mechanical workshop for fast change and optimization of plasma source parts or vacuum elements.


Laboratory with two High Vacuum equipments with 450 mm diameter vacuum chambers.