Jenion Ion-Beam and Surface Technique

Plasma Solutions for New Materials

Jenion - Ion beam and Surface technique is a small company (engineering office) both for research and development at the field of plasma and thin film technology and  for production of plasma probe devices for plasma analysis. Our main activities are:

Plasma Probe Analysis

A compact and versatile device is offered (Jenion - PlasmaMon 3) for Plasma analysis with:

  • Langmuir plasma probe arrays (16 probes),
  • plasma sheet probe arrays (16 probes),
  • Retarding Field Analyser for ion and electron energy distribution measurement,
  • other customer specified probes.


Retarding Field Analyser integrated into a plasma electrode for ion energy analysis

UHF-Plasma development

Ultra High Frequencies (UHF) range from 300 MHz to 1.000 MHz. Today UHF plasma generation becomes more and more available, because solid state generators for UHF enter  the market.

UHF- ECR -Plasmas have some interesting advantages like:

  • Only low magnetic field strengths required for ECR - resonance, which enables larger ECR sources,
  • UHF transmission below 5 kW needs no wave guides and can be done with coaxial cables,
  • high ionization degree for single charged ions at low operation pressures.

 UHF- ECR- Plasma operated at 433 MHz, 150W

Plasma and Thin film development

Basing on some experience in plasma technology for thin films, resulting from more than 40 years work with plasmas,  predevelopment and consulting at this field can be offered.

Our laboratory with four vacuum equipments is specialized on sputter processes and development of special magnetrons and processes.

Contact us with your problem,  we will find a solution.

Customer specified plasma- and thin film development