of Linear Broad Beam Ion Sources

The compact linear broad ion beam sources basing on the ACC-principle generate an ion beam for applications in the fields of:

  • Ion Beam Sputtering for thin Film Deposition,

  • Nano Technology, Ion Beam Nanoscale Surface Modification, Ion Beam Controlled textured film growth, crystal growth,

  • Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) with noble gases or with oxygen (oxides), nitrogen (nitrides), or with hydrocarbons (carbides, diamond like carbon),

  • Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE) with oxygen (polymers) or fluorocarbons (semiconductors, quartz glass),

  • Helium- and hydrogen ion sources for basic research,

  • Bio-medical surface preparation with molecular ions,

  • Broad Beam Ion Implantation with ion energies up to 60 keV with noble gases or with oxygen, nitrogen or hydrocarbons (stoechiometric formation of implanted oxides, nitrides or carbides).

ACC-ion sources are well suited for noble gases like argon or krypton and for hydrogen and nitrogen. Hydrocarbons and fluorocarbons also can be used, but after operating times of some hours there grows a graphite layer in the ion source, which has to be cleaned up mechanically.
The big advantage of the ACC-ion source is its oxygen-stability. This opens the possibility to use a lot of carbon based molecular gases and to remove their deposited graphite inside the discharge chamber by plasma etching with oxygen.

Precursor type



noble gases:

He, Ne, Ar, Kr

Graphite grids, long term stable

permanent gases.

H2, N2, O2

For O2 stainless steel grids


CH4, C2H2, ...

(graphite deposition at the ion source, removing by oxygen plasma)

Discharge chamber cleaning after some hours required


CF4, C2F6,....

(graphite deposition at the ion source, removing by oxygen plasma)



CCl4, C2CL6,...

(graphite deposition at the ion source, removing by oxygen plasma)


water, alcohol e.t.c.

H20, C2H5OH,



Cl2, HCL

Liquid monomers C8Hx..... Together with the ion source heater
Low temperature melting metals Sn, Zn, Pb, .... Together with the ion source heater

More about applications in Sputtering, Nano Technology and crystal growth, Ion Beam Assisted Deposition, Reactive Ion Beam Etching, Bio-Medical Surface Preparation, Direct Ion Beam Deposition and Ion Implantation you can read in our downloadable paper about the Linear Broad Beam Ion Sources.

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