Description of
Ion Source JENION ACC-40 IS

The Ion Source ACC-40 IS is primarily developed for research and development. Compared to other 40 mm ion sources, which deliver up to 50 mA ion beam current, our ion source is designed for ion currents of some tenths of mA but with a lot of different precursors from a cost effective and compact ion source.

Ion Source JENION ACC-40 IS

Ion Source JENION ACC-40 IS in operation

The following table shows the technical data of the Ion Source JENION ACC-40 IS



ion beam diameter [mm]


vacuum flange

CF 100 or inline mounted


95 mm diameter
170 200 mm length (depending on neutralizer and mounting

ion energy [eV]

20 - 1000

ion current density [mAcm-2]


ion beam [mA]

1- 25

discharge type

alternating cold cathode ion source

discharge voltage [V]

400 - 600

discharge current [mA]

25 - 125



grid system

2 grid system

gas input [sccm]

2 - 10

impurities (% of ion beam current density)

0.1 - 1

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