Process Simulation and complete Software solutions

Today a lot of software solutions exist for use in science. Moreover with software packages like MathCAD a lot of special problems can be calculated before use.

MathCAD simulation of the substrate water pressure in dependence from the substrate temperature of an industrial scale vacuum chamber.
MathCAD simulation of an electron path at a magnetic confined plasma source.
Finite element model of a magnetic field: With this method (finite element models) not only magnetic or electrostatic fields used in ion- or plasma sources can be modelled but also heat transfer, thermal induced stress e.t.c.
Ion ray tracing simulation by a special JENION software simulation program for a broad ion beam extraction system consisting of nine grids (mass filtered ion source).
Use of SRIM 2003 for ion implantation simulation of 100 keV O+ into silicon.
Reflectance simulation of an antireflection coating (75 nm Si3N4 on silicon).
Moreover all our devices like ion- or plasma sources have PC-controlled user interfaces .

Thin film deposition and job coating
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