Available equipment and Processes

Beside the development and production of plasma- and ion sources, special research with these sources can be done at our laboratory. Together with plasma probes and plasma probe arrays the plasmas and ion beams used for thin film deposition are analyzed for parameters like ion- and electron density, plasma homogeneity e.t.c.

Ion current density profile for
plasma homogeneity control
Plasma probe curve for
plasma monitoring

Available thin film processes for Reseach and Development are:

  thermal processes plasma processes Ion beam processes
Types: Thermal evaporation,
electron beam evaporation,

Magnetron sputtering,
plasma etching,
plasma CVD,
plasma surface modification,
Ion beam sputtering,
ion implantation,
ion beam modification,
Thin film systems Metals, oxides, semiconductors Metals, oxides, semiconductors,
Metals, oxides, semiconductors
Thickness range,
20 nm to 2 µm 20 nm to 2 µm 20 nm to 2 µm

Process Simulation and complete Software solutions
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