Technique and technology development for thin film processes with plasma- and ion sources

Beside the more or less classical thin film techniques basing only on thermal methods like CVD or thermal or electron beam evaporation a lot of nonthermal thin film deposition methods with thermal activation in combination with nonthermal plasma- or ion beam processes have been developed in the past twenty years.
Methods like:
  • Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD),
  • Direct Ion beam Sputtering (DIBS),
  • Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE);
  • Chemical Assisted Ion beam Etching (CAIBE);
  • Plasma Enhanced CVD (PE-CVD),
  • Plasma Etching,
  • Reactive Ion Etching (RIE),
  • Plasma polymerization,
  • e.t.c,
are well known and developed for many thin film systems.

But moreover new technical and technological demands from industries like semiconductor industry, optical layers, microsystems or hard coatings industry lead to:
  1. Application of well known plasma- or ion beam methods (like above sketched) to new thin film systems,
  2. Development of new equipment special-ized for only one thin film system but that with high industrial productivity and quality,
  3. Demands to plasma- and ion beam parameters outside the current known parameter fields (higher charge carrier densities, higher deposition rates, new higher excited plasma states e.t.c.).
However JENION is a small company, a lot of activities are undertaken in this field leading to customer specified equipment- or technological solutions.

Additional developments are carried out for development of special vacuum equipment like special substrate holders, heaters or other customer specialised equipment.

Available equipment and Processes
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