Products Overview

The following overview shows the ion beam parameter field of our systems. Some more customer specified solutions are possible.

Our Ion- and Plasmasources in an overview:

Ion source type

ion energy

Ion beam dimensions

ion source type

K 40 MIS

20 - 1000 eV

40 mm diameter

mass separated filament ion source


20 - 1000 eV

40 mm diameter

alternating cold cathode ion source

ACC 30 x 150 IS,

ACC 40 x 300 IS,

ACC 40 x 600 IS

20 1000 eV

30 x 150 mm.

40 x 300 mm,

40 x 600 mm

Linear alternating cold cathode ion sources

ACC 30 x nnn IMP

1 60 keV

30 x nnn mm

Broad ion beam implanters with linear ACC ion sources


10 150 eV

80 mm plasma stream diameter

alternating cold cathode plasma source

see also: Electron- and ion energy distribution analysis at plasmas

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