Inline substrate holders

for linear plasma- and ion beam processing

Historical development of plasma- and ion beam processes was carried out for semiconductor industry processing silicon wafers with typical diameters between 4 and 8". Therefore most plasma- or ion sources developed for silicon wafer technology have a circular plasma- or ion beam output processing a fixed substrate. The realization of the high demands on process homogeneity over the wafer diameter is often a big problem for plasma- and ion beam source developers and only can be realized at small process parameter fields.

The best solution in regard to the above mentioned homogeneity problem is in principle the combination of a linear plasma- or ion source together with a mechanism transporting the substrates with a constant velocity under the linear processing source. Because of the constant substrate motion in one dimension the demands on the process source to achieve excellent homogeneity are reduced to time stability and plasma- or ion beam homogeneity over the linear axis of the source. Excellent process homogeneity over the total process parameter field can be realized.

In most cases substrate holders or transport mechanisms are produced together with the complete processing equipment by a customer specified solution. The substrate holders presented here are more designated to upgrade existing vacuum equipments with linear processing technique and therefore also with inline mountable substrate transport mechanisms.

Principle of processing with linear plasma- or ion beam sources

Substrate holders are a wide field of possible solutions. A lot of options and modifications can be done. The following figures show some solutions for rotational substrate holders.

Customer specified flange mounted inside heated substrate holder for max. 100 mm diameter with substrate rotation and angle movement by two integrated stepper motors

Customer specified high voltage substrate holder for max. 20 kV Substrate bias with two integrated stepper motors for independent substrate rotation


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