Applications of PlasmaMon -
Plasma Probe Measurement for Plasmas and Ion Beam Analysis

The plasma probes have different application fields.

Plasma characterisation in plasma volume by Langmuir Probes for: Plasma sheath characterisation by Plasma Sheath Probes for:
  • Plasma chemical reactions in gas phase (as prerequisite for defined thin film processes),
  • Plasma light emission,
  • Afterglow- und Downstreamplasmas
  • Characterisation of interactions of electrons and ions in thin film processes running on substrates;
  • Determination of ion energy as a cen-tral parameter (whereas electron inter-actions are less important for thin film processes).

The following shows an overview of ion energies and thin film processes.

Ion energies Thin film process
0 - 10 eV PECVD, remote plasma, downstream plasma
10 - 50 eV Plasma etching, DLC-growth,
50 - 150 eV IAD, Ion Assisted Deposition, Plasma Etching,
150 - 500 eV RIE, Reactive Ion Etching,IAD, IBAD
500 - 2000 eV Ion beam sputtering
> 2keV Ion implantation

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