Plasma Analysis with Plasma Probe Arrays
and Retarding Field Analyzers

Modern plasma and ion beam based thin film technologies like plasma etching, plasma-CVD, plasma polymerization, ion implantation, sputtering and more use plasma to deposite, etch and modify thin films in a large variety of manners.

The produced plasma and its characteristics determines the type of thin film processes in each of these technologies. Therefore we need as comprehensive as possible information about the role of plasmas in thin film processes.

There are two areas in a low temperature plasma in thin film technology:

  • Plasmavolume: with production of charge carriers by electron impact from gasphase;
  • Plasma sheaths at vacuum chamber walls and at the substrate with the plasma sheath processes, which are running at these substrate.
The following Table shows an overview about the possibilities of plasma probe analysis with plasma probes, where ne is the electron density, ji the ion current density, f(We) (EED) the electron energy distribution and f(Wi) (IED) the ion energy distribution.

Plasma sheath
plasma interactions
ne and f(We) EEV determine plasma chemistry
Production of plasma sheaths, RF-Plasma
Ion energy deposition into substrate ji, f(Wi) IED
Plasma chemistry
Surface chemistry (thin film deposition and - etching)

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