PlasmaMon - a Compact and Allround Device

This our device "PlasmaMon-1" which was developed by JENION in 2003. There is an electronic unit operating with Langmuir Probes or Plasma Sheath Probes and a Retarding Field Analyzer in a compact rack. The device is PC-controlled via serial port and can be used optionally with CAN-bus (i.e. by using equipment for process control.)

Plasma Sheath Probe
with electrical feedthrough in front of "PlasmaMon"

Pressure ranges of probes

A variety of customer and application specified solutions can be developed on the basis of PlasmaMon:

  • Application specified probes, fitted on determined substrate shapes and plasma configurations,
  • Probes which are embedded in insulators (simulation of plasma sheath processes on insulating substrates),
  • PlasmaMon Devices with more than 16 measuring inputs (i.e.. 32 or 64 probes),
  • Differential pumped retarding field analyzer für pressure range up to 3 mbar,
  • Plasma sheath probes for plasmas at higher pressures up to atmospheric pressure,
  • Plasma probes for process controlling in automatised thin film processes,
  • Plasma sheath probes for use in coating applications.
There are three types of operations
  • "Plasmaprofile":
    Measuring of ion current densitiy profiles
  • "Plasmaprobe":
    Measuring of probe characteristics
  • Retarding Field Analyzer:
    Retarding field analysis
All measuring values can be stored as ASCII-file and used for further processing.

Screenshot in operation type "RFA - Ret. Field Analyzer"

Technical Data of PlasmaMon:

Parameter Typical values Maximum value
Measuring time per measuring point 1-30 s >= 1s, max. 1000 s
Vprobe -50 ... + 50 V -200 V, resp. +200 Vmax. 20 mA
Vextract -100 V resp. + 100 V -200 V, resp. +200 Vmax. 20 mA
Communication serial, 9600 baud, 8 N 1  
Measuring range probe current 0.01 - 300µA +- 1mA

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