Broad Beam Ion Implantation

with linear ACC ion sources JENION ACC-30x150 IMP,
ACC-40x300 IMP and ACC-40x600 IMP

Ion Implanters are well used in semiconductor fabrication. These are high specialised mass separated machines for ion doses in the range of 1010 to 1016 cm-2. They generate ion beams with energies between 1 and 300 keV. The beams have typical diameters of 10 to 20 mm requiring a complex scanning mechanism to implant larger areas. The following figure shows the principle of such an implanter. The footprint of such a machine requires 10 to 20 m2.

Principle of a mass separated ion implanter used in semiconductor fabrication

In contrary to this Broad Ion Beam Ion Implantation can be arranged in a vacuum equipment not larger and not more expensive than at other thin film techniques. The following figure shows the simplest case of such an equipment.

Schematic view of broad beam ion implanter with substrate holder at high voltage for batch processing

The broad ion beam delivered from a linear broad ion source (beam dimensions: width 30 mm length from 150 to 600 mm) is accelerated by the substrate holder itself, which is at high voltage between 5 and 50 keV. At the rotating substrate holder a batch of substrates can be arranged and implanted in one procedure. Other substrate motions like linear transport e.t.c. also can be arranged.
A more complex Broad Ion Beam Implanter is shown at the following figure.

Schematic view of broad beam ion implanter with substrate holder at ground for continuos inline ion implantation

Now a special Linear Broad Ion Beam Source is used generating an ion beam at high voltage potential up to 60 kV.
The ion beam is accelerated towards the substrates at ground potential. This enables, that there are not any restrictions for the substrate transport. Linear inline implantation, like shown at the figure can be carried out, heaters and other additional equipment can be installed for ion implantation.

The figure right shows the implantation depth for the most used ions like N2+, O2+ or CHx+ and the according depth range. This is the range where ions stop after implantation without any further thermal induced diffusion.


Mean implantation depth
in dependence from the ion energy
and according depth range (at 50 keV).

The left figure shows that stoechiometric ion doses between 1017 and 1018 cm-2 can be implanted in times from 10 to 60 minutes.


Implantation dose
in dependence from the implantation time
(parameter ion current density of an atomic ion)

The figure right shows the implanted power density (P) in dependence from the ion energy (Wbeam) and the ion current density (j). At typical implantation parameters (40 keV, 0.1 mAcm-2) the substrate is heated with nearly 4 Wcm-2. The figure shows that there is a temperature caused limitation regarding the implantation parameters at high current broad ion beam implanters.


Implanted power density
in dependence from the implantation parameters

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